Miguel McKelvey Net Worth 2023: Inside the Amazing Fortune of Co-Founder Miguel McKelvey

Miguel McKelvey Net Worth: McKelvey is a well-known American businessman who helped start WeWork. According to his LinkedIn bio, McKelvey established Green Desk and Generation Design Studio in addition to WeWork.

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He graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in architecture before entering the corporate world. Hiam McKelvey, a retired financing banker, and McKelvey’s wife often encounter at home when McKelvey is not at work.

Miguel McKelvey Net Worth: Quick Bio

Full Name        Miguel McKelvey
Nick Name       Miguel
Profession        Businessman
Ex-Wife             Hiyam Khalifa
Date of Birth    17th April 1974
Birth Place       Eugene, Oregon
Nationality        American
SiblingsSadie Lincoln
Height 5 feet 10 inch
Net Worth$2.9 billion
Source of Income         Acting, Dancing, and Singing
Miguel McKelvey Net Worth

Biography of Miguel McKelvey

He is an American businessman who was born in 17th April 1974. He co-founded the company and previously served as its chief cultural officer. In terms of his work and profession, he is a businessman. He is currently 49 years old and is known to hold the position of officer at WeWork.

McKelvey has a background in architecture: I met Neumann after working for a Brooklyn company and going to the University of Oregon to study architecture. As chief cultural officer, McKelvey handled WeWork’s construction, architecture, and website design.

Newman took center stage as the company grew while McKelvey worked away in the background. A former executive who spoke to Forbes said, “While Miguel focused on larger cultural concerns, Adam focused on the news.”

McKelvey and Newman did not invent collaborative workplaces, but they were the first to commercialize them. According to Esquire, Neumann departed as interim CEO after the business reportedly lost $2 billion, and he began smoking marijuana on a flight from Israel. After Newman left the company, McKelvey remained, but the couple parted ways in July 2020. After leaving WeWork, McKelvey continued to work as a part-time consultant for Known Holdings.

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Miguel McKelvey Net Worth

The profession of Miguel McKelvey

McKelvey worked as a busboy in a restaurant and spent two summers working at an Alaskan fish processing facility before earning his college degree. Following his college graduation, McKelvey visited a friend in Tokyo. While there, he co-founded English, Baby!, a website and social network for students to create and enroll in online foreign-language courses.

The website features grammar tutorials, language tests, and a social network that connects English trainees with people who already speak it well. The company now has 25 employees. McKelvey relocated to New York City the following year and began working with Jordan Parnas Digital Architecture.

McKelvey was made manager of the global retail roll out, and was in charge of the company’s all US apparel projects. The two met at a party and learned that Adam Newman shared the same office space with her. In 2008, the two persuaded their landlord to give up a vacant building floor, which they had divided into semi-communal offices. This was the beginning of Green Desk. In a single evening, McKelvey created the name, logo and functional website for the new company.

In 2010, WeWork opened its first place in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. McKelvey holds the role of Chief Cultural Officer at WeWork. He oversaw the organization’s online design, architecture, and construction and made and maintained its culture. Since 2010, The V Company has launched several unique businesses, including WeGrow, a private elementary school; Rise by We, a high-end gym concept; and WeLive, a co-living venture. We Corporation, a parent brand that includes WeWork, WeLive, WeGrow, and other endeavors, was announced by the Corporation in 2019.

McKelvey was appointed chief culture officer at WeWork in 2017 and was called one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative People in 2019. McKelvey announced that he would depart WeWork at the end of the month on June 5, 2020.

Miguel McKelvey Net Worth

Miguel McKelvey Net Worth

With a fortune of $2.9 billion, up $1 billion from two years earlier, he was ranked 775. In November 2019, when it estimated its value at $900 million, the magazine quit tracking it.

It is still being determined what the current net worth of Miguel McKelvey is as it has yet to be revealed. His co-founding work at WeWork surely contributed to his considerable wealth, but the exact amount is unknown.

Miguel McKelvey’s estimated net worth is $2.9 billion in 2023. However, several factors, such as market fluctuations, business industries, and investments, could cause net worth to change.

Miguel McKelvey Net Worth Growth

Miguel McKelvey Net Worth In 2023$2.9 Billion
Miguel McKelvey Net Worth In 2022Unknown
Miguel McKelvey Net Worth In 2021Unknown
Miguel McKelvey Net Worth In 2020Unknown
Miguel McKelvey Net Worth In 2019$900 million

Miguel McKelvey Career Journey


In 2008, the two persuaded their landlord to let them let the floors of an empty building that they had divided into semi-communal offices. This was the beginning of Green Desk.


In 2010, WeWork opened its first location in the SoHo district of Manhattan. McKelvey held the position of chief cultural officer at WeWork.


McKelvey became a billionaire in 2016


McKelvey was appointed chief culture officer and chief creative officer at WeWork in 2017 and was named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in 2019.


McKelvey made the announcement that he would be departing WeWork at the end of the month on June 5, 2020.

Miguel McKelvey Family

There is currently no specific information known regarding Miguel McMkelvey’s family history or parents. Miguel McKelvey had a spouse. Hiyam Khalifa was his wife. In 2017, they both divorced.

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What Is Miguel McKelvey’s Net Worth?

Miguel McKelvey’s estimated net worth is $2.9 billion

Are Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey friends?

Miguel McKelvey and Adam Neumann were partners in business and WeWork’s co-founders. They were frequently described as being pals before beginning the company together.

Who currently owns WeWork?

The We firm, a publicly traded firm, now holds WeWork. However, the Japanese multinational conglomerate SoftBank Group, which has a sizeable ownership stake, is the largest shareholder.

Miguel McKelvey: Is He Rich?

Miguel McKelvey co-founded WeWork; therefore, he probably has a sizable net worth. Yet, the precise sum of his wealth is unknown to the general crowd and can only be assumed.

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