Kyle Forgeard Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Age

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth: Kyle Forgeard is a Canadian YouTuber whose creativity and Nelk Boys YouTube empire have earned him a net worth of $1.5 million. In today’s article, we will be talking about Kyle Forgeard Net Worth, biography, and important lessons from his career and, all other information.

Who is Kelly Forgeard?

Kelly Forgeard was born on 12 July 1994, the 28-year-old Canadian vlogger is one of the creators of the YouTube prank crew Nelk.

The group has over a billion views and more than seven million subscribers on the platform.

He has become increasingly involved with the UFC over the years. On Kyle’s 28th birthday, UFC boss Dana White gave him $250K.

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth: Bio Summary

Full NameKyle John Forgeard
Birth dateJuly 12, 1994
Height5 Feet 10 Inch
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$1.5 million

Biography of Kyle Forgeard

Kyle Forgard is a Canadian Internet celebrity, best known as a popular YouTube star. He runs the famous YouTube channel NELK along with his friend and fellow social media star Jesse Sebastiani. His channel has become popular for its pranks and vlogs which entertain close to 7.2 million subscribers. With over 2.3 million followers on his official account, Kyle, Kyle Fjord is also a famous Instagram star.

He can be found on Twitter as KYLE (@KyleForgeard). He and Jessie also run an entertainment brand called FULL SEND. They’re also the brains behind the hard seltzer brand Happy Dad.

The YouTuber was born on July 12, 1994, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Kyle Forgeard’s Net Worth

  • Kyle Fjord Net Worth as of 2023 is $1.5 Million. He made his wealth primarily through his content and the brands he created with the other members of Nelc (Nick, Elliott, and Lucas).
  • When the NLC Prank Channel published a video in which he played a prank on the LA police, it was a huge success.
  • In short, he led police to believe he had cocaine in the trunk of his car when he actually had a few cans of Coca-Cola. One of the two policemen inspecting the car called him a genius when he saw the cans.
  • Due to his prank, the video went viral and gained international attention for himself and his YouTube channel, increasing his subscriber count to 7 million.
  • Forbes described them as: “They’re pranksters – modern-day assholes.”
  • One of the things that have contributed to Kyle Forgeard’s net worth is Full Send, a clothing line run by Nelk.
  • Fabrics are introduced in “drops”; Each style is only sold once and only limited quantities are available. His clothing line does close to $100 million a year.
  • The group of friends also bounds the Full Send podcast (1.84M subscribers as of 2023). There is a special guest in each of his episodes. On the vlog, he invites outstanding personalities like Andrew Tate, Mike Tyson, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and others.
Full NameKyle Forgeard
ProfessionYoutuber, Entrepreneur
Net Worth$1.5 million


In 2010, identical twins Niko and Marko Martinović assisted Fjord in developing Nelc. However, the channel did not begin to deviate from the course until 2015. Forgard gained popularity after publishing a YouTube video in which he told police that he had cocaine in his car as a joke.

Following his acknowledgment, the police concluded he was communicating with cocaine, a controlled narcotic, and immediately began searching his vehicle.

Much to the police’s delight, the video went viral and garnered thousands of new subscribers and over 40 million views. They would develop on it and create comparable works, which would help them win the hearts of the audience. Although he’s not as famous as MrBeast, Foregeard has helped nail over 7 million YouTube subscribers and is aggressively building his brand.

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Early Life of Kyle Forgeard

On July 12, 1994, Fjord was born in the Canadian city of Mississauga. After graduating from high school, he planned to enroll at Ryerson University to study film.

During college, he collaborated with others to start the YouTube channel Nelc. Forgard’s prank videos, vlogs, and marketing materials were favored for Full Send Entertainment. Even though he was an excellent student, he realized that education was not a perfect match for him and wanted to focus only on content development.

As he focused solely on the development of NELC, his studies at Ryerson University would soon come to an end. This decision would prove to be one of his best and pave the way for him to achieve his current degree of success.

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth


Kyle John Forgeard was born on July 12, 1994, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada to Rick and Gail Forgard. He has a sister named Chantal. Fjord was a student at Ryerson University before dropping out. His parents can be seen in many of his YouTube videos. Forgeard belongs to a Canadian-European ethnicity. However, many people were skeptical about his origins, as he seems to be of complex heritage.

However, Forgeard’s mother was discovered to be an Indian woman, although they have not yet confirmed this. Forgeard’s father is from Canada. She has not disclosed much about her past partnerships, and she has not said anything about her current relationship status. He studied film at Ryerson University in Toronto.

He preferred filming prank videos and decided to prioritize YouTube over school, which he dropped out of.

In July 2010, Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani established the YouTube channel “NELK”. In 2013, he made his first video called “McDonald’s Job Interview Prank”. He pranked police officers in 2015 with a video titled “Coke Prank on Cops”. He told them he had “Coke”, only to clarify later that he was referring to Coca-Cola. While his little prank landed him in the clutches of the law, it also put YouTubers on the cutting edge.

His videos went viral on the platform, and his channel grew in size and popularity rapidly. After crossing one million subscribers, he earned YouTube’s Gold Creator Award in January 2018. He started his second YouTube channel, “FULL SEND” in 2018, which focused on pranks and vlogs, and has around 1.3 million subscribers. “Full Send Golf,” “Happy Dad,” and “Full Send Podcast” are some of the other YouTube channels the duo has launched.

Apart from being well-known social media personalities, Fjord and Sebastiani are budding entrepreneurs. He is the owner of Full Send Entertainment Company and Happy Dad Alcohol Brand.

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How did Kyle Forgeard become famous?

Kyle John Forgeard is a Canadian YouTuber and the co-founder and star of the Nelk Boys YouTube channel. Starting out with simple-but-clever prank videos, Kyle finally rose to viral Internet stardom, and his YouTube channel has gathers more than seven million subscribers.

Did Kyle Forgeard attend college?

Reportedly, Kyle Forgeard dropped out of college to become a YouTuber.

How much is Kyle Forgeard worth?

Kyle Fjord, co-founder and star of the YouTube channel Nelk Boys, has amassed a net worth of $1.5 million from his YouTube videos, merchandise sales, and several startup ventures.

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